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The Partnership is organised with a steering group, a management group with secretariat, and ad-hoc committees for each crystallised innovation effort.

The steering group consists of representatives from all participants, i.e. research and knowledge institutions, public institutions and utility companies, as well as businesses and trade organisations. The steering group has Technical University of Denmark, Environment, as chairman and Copenhagen University LIFE as deputy chairman. The number of steering group members is expected to be 14 to 18 persons. The ad-hoc committees are represented in the steering group according to activity.

The management group consists of Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen University LIFE, Technological Institute and DHI with Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen as project manager and Marina Bergen Jensen as assisting project manager responsible for the national triple-helix structure mentioned in section 3.

Ad-hoc committees will be set up for each innovation effort with the participation of representatives from the triple-helix participants of which the specific effort is handled, as well as representatives from the steering group. The size of ad-hoc committees is regulated according to need.

The secretariat function must cover both project administration, including progress and finances, and be the focal point for general activities and thus for implementation of innovation efforts. The secretariat will consist of a permanent staff, some full-time, and special temporary services.

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