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Competences of the Consortium Partners

Among all central participants an acknowledge need for strengthened competences exists, in order for the sector to meet the challenges implied by climate changes for water in urban areas. At the same time it is the understanding of the Partnership that the sector via improved coordination etc. holds a unique opportunity of creating a technological and acknowledgement-wise quantum leap. This opportunity must be seized and realised for the benefit of value creation in the complete water sector, the climate robustness of the country and the development of society towards sustainability.

The Partnership is composed in a way which allows all chains in the innovation chain to be actively involved. The Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen are the leading universities within research and education in the area. The Danish Technological Institute holds general expertise for product development and with its Pipe Centre it is the central focal point for authorisation and continuing education within plants and operation. DHI is a leading global player within water resource management and software solutions for planning, operation and solution support. Municipalities and utility companies are managers of society’s investments in urban water infrastructure and have embedded valuable knowledge, both silent and explicit, on the planning, building and operation of the infrastructure. Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Greve and their utility companies are all actively involved in ongoing research and innovation projects and thus demonstrate the will to new thinking, knowledge sharing and implementation of development projects which is a precondition for the Partnership’s conception of Denmark as a demonstratorium for green solutions for urban climate adaptation. At the same time they have strong networks to foreign cities. The Danish Road Directorate and road sector are implementing a number of adaptation and development projects to prepare the sector for extensive climate adaptations, including urban traffic network, and are seen as an important partner. The Oresund Environment Academy is focusing on environmental-technological innovation in the Oresund region and holds competences within technological development and knowledge sharing. The large and small companies mentioned represent consultants, architects, manufacturers and contractors with activities on the Danish and international market, ideas for concept and product development, and the will to place technology, employees, network and financial resources at the disposal of the Partnership. The inter-branch organisations and professional networks are all of vital importance for anchoring the Partnership with their respective members, for knowledge sharing and for making the network successful across disciplines and institutions and between Denmark and abroad.

Project Manager Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen is Associate Professor at Institute for Water and Environmental Technology at the Technical University of Denmark. He has researched in climate adaptation of urban runoff and is Associate Editor of the ISI magazine “Water Science & Technology”, responsible for the climate field. As consultant in PH-Consult, COWI and Rambøll Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen has been project manager and specialist on 16 reports for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the Agency for Spatial and Environmental Planning and the Danish Energy Agency within the fields of urban water and climate adaptation, and he has also been Manager of COWI’s innovation council for water and environment. He has been project manager on many cross-disciplinary projects – the largest project dealing with a demonstration plant for treatment of urban runoff during heavy rain had a budget of 9 million EUR. Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen primarily teaches climate adaptation in urban areas at bachelor and master level.

Assisting Project Manager, PhD Marina Bergen Jensen, is senior researcher with 12 years seniority. She is leader of the research and innovation projects 2BG (www.2BG.dk) and 19K (www.19K.dk), and inventor of the water treatment technology double-porous filtration. In 2008 she received the Alectia Award for being a “lighthouse in the engineering world”, and in 2009 she received the Copenhagen University LIFE Award. She is responsible for the Master course “Urban Ecosystems – Structures, Functions and Design”, and at present she is advisor for 5 PhD students. For the Agency for Spatial and Environmental Planning she has worked out the presentation of ideas “The Blue City”, and she has contributed to the Danish EPA’s initiative “Danish Lessons” with the material ”Ørestad – the blue and green economic driver in Copenhagen” and ”Water in the City”. She is member of Copenhagen University LIFES’ cross-disciplinary venture ViVa (knowledge on water), the Danish Governments Research-Technical Consultant Panel for Climate Adaptation, and the Business Forum for Environmental Technology. She participates actively in the arrangements of the sector and is often used as guest speaker (16 presentations in the first half year of 2009).

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