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Link to strategic research

The Partnership consolidates, refines and globalises the many results and initiatives characterising the development of the water sector in Denmark in recent years. Existing networks, ongoing research efforts and actual development programs in businesses and municipalities will experience more coherence and energy. The germ of the Partnership is partly alliances creates via the Research Platform Water and the Water Partnership, partly research results achieved within the program committee for energy and environment of the Strategic Research Council, including the 2BG project ”Black, Blue & Green – Integrated infrastructure planning as key to sustainable urban water systems” (www.2BG.dk) and the SWI project ”Storm and Wastewater Informatics” (www.swi.er.dtu.dk), and the Open-Means-Project 19K ”Innovation in municipal technical administrations and public utility companies – in interaction with private companies, knowledge institutions and branch networks” (www.19k.dk), of which several innovation stimulating methods and networks are considered embedded directly in the Partnership. Several of the knowledge institutions of the Partnership participate in the Research Consulting Panel for Climate Adaptation of the Danish Government, and in this connection they have participated in ensuring a connection between research and innovation efforts, just like the Partnership will have participants in the coming strategic research centre in the climate field which will be established in the autumn of 2009 and a project on climate adaptation of the water supply and sewer systems of cities financed by EU under the 7th Framework Programme for research and development.

Several of the projects launched under the Program for Environmental Technology, e.g. “Supply of locally treated rainwater to freshwater areas”, “Overflow from fascines to underlying soil layers”, “Health aspects in relation to rain-based recreational water in larger cities” and “Double porous filtration for environmental efficient handling of the urban water circuit” may also be communicated, further developed and marketed through the Partnership. The discussion paper “The Blue City” included in the preparation by the Agency for Spatial and Environmental Planning of the National Plan Report of the Danish Minister for the Environment this autumn constitutes, together with among others discussions in Business Forum for Environmental Technology and the Water Camp Initiative of the water sector, inspirational material for the further idea development of the Partnership, while concrete initiatives in the businesses and public institutions involved serve to focus the ideas. Particularly interesting in this connection is the Government’s initiative in the form of www.klimatilpasning.dk, the Climate Plan for Copenhagen, Aarhus Vision 2100, Odense Environmental Plan and Greve Climate Adaptation Plan. Among the participants of the Partnership a number of ideas are found, ranging from specific water handling and treatment methods, over tools and equipment to documentation and evaluation, to improved control, planning and decision support tools. Finally, the Partnership will be able to contribute to the discussions on the implementation and realisation of a possible Environment Technological Development and Demonstration Program.

The partnership will strive towards a national anchoring through demonstratoriums and lighthouse projects, by ensuring that general activities are available all over the country, and that the PhD-Exchange and the E-based GradSchool are open and relevant for everybody in the area. Climate adaptation is an actual challenge in all municipalities, and the same very much applies to development of the related environmental technologies. By entering into a cooperation with national authorities on regulation and demand, and with the mentioned agencies for business promotion and export, the experiences achieved and products developed can efficiently be spread to other participants nationally and globally.

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